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Youth Dimension Ministries

The LFCC Youth Dimension Ministries are designed to minister to the needs of children between three to 18 years of age by teaching them the Word of God at his/her age level of understanding in order to effectively understand the direction of God’s Word.

It is our primary goal to instill into the youth Victory and Success for their lives. In order to do this, we have properly segmented the topics covered between the age groups to make sure that the youth have a proper understanding. We have also divided our youth services into age level groups. Our children have their own service and classes, as well as the teens. Most lessons are divided into two parts between the Sunday and Wednesday services.

Among the specific goals at each age level, we are mandated to ensure that the youth are proficient in the following manner:

-Memorize and recite assigned scriptures.
-The Youth Standards of Excellence: Love, Respect, Encouragement, Faith, Obedience, Radical Praise, and Maturity.
-Details of bible stories.
-The Great Commission of the church – Matthew 28:18, also see Mark 16:15.

Because our children are a great priority to us, it is our responsibility to instill in them Godly character and a biblical foundation for their future. We must teach them the Word and train them to minister our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with others.

We are also committed to providing the proper atmosphere for learning at LFCC. In order to do this, the teacher must know how to conduct his/her own life in a fitting way before the Lord. It is also necessary for the teacher to display the highest integrity both before the youth and away from the youth. For your own evaluation and enrichment, please review the requirements the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy (1Timothy 3) concerning those who desired to be a bishop (leader or overseer), as we take them very seriously.

Finally, we believe that walking after the Spirit, according to the Word of God, is the greatest inheritance that we can leave our children. Therefore we concentrate on innovative, yet practical methods that youth can relate to help open the door for God to manifest in their lives.

For details for each Youth Dimension Ministry, go to the specified programs listed below.

Youth Dimension Ministry Program

Noah’s Ark Nursery
6 weeks – K – 5

KidZ in the FAITH Children Ministry
Grades 1 – 5

HYPENation Teen Ministry
Grades 6 – 12

College & Young Adult Ministry
Ages 18 – 29

College & Young Adult Ministry

Coming Soon

Hypenation Teen Ministry
HYPENation is designed for youth from middle school through high school. We combine a separate youth worship service, Wednesday night Bible Study, and a variety of special activities to train our young leaders in righteousness. Activities include, Represent Night, Talent Night, Flow Night, etc. We also have special mentoring groups such as the Varsity Club (College Prep), Young LOVE (Ladies Of Virtue & Excellence) Girls’ Club, GYM (God’s Young Man) Club, and HYPE Certified (Discipleship Team).
Today’s teenager is face with dealing with a very fast paced society, and we believe in fully equipping them with the biblical knowledge they will need to rightly divide the Word of Truth concerning their lives. It is therefore important that we establish an atmosphere that is conducive with their learning abilities.
We have designed our Sunday services similar to our adult services to help prepare the teenagers for the transition to adulthood. Currently, our Ministers in Training present sermon-style lessons for our SuperChurch services. Our youth teachers conduct classroom-style lessons for Sunday School classes. However, everyone covers the same theme in order to provide uniformity among our classes.
We have also designed our Wednesday Night Bible Study with a youthful and exciting flavor. We combine music, dance, drama, food nights, and sports nights in order to provide fresh ways of learning the Word of God. Our youth also discuss the same themes among the different classes in conjunction with the Sunday lessons.
Kids in the Faith Children Ministry
Ages: 1st grade – 5th grade
KidZ in the Faith is designed for children in 1st – 5th grade. We innovatively teach the Word of God through object lessons, puppet skits, and videos. We also host a variety of activity nights ranging from movie nights, skate nights, game nights, and snack nights.
Because we live in a technologically advanced generation, today’s average child is exposed to “grown-up” information at a much earlier age than ever before. Therefore, we believe that best way to equip them to handle the challenges of this present age is to provide them the biblical knowledge they will need to rightly divide the Word of Truth concerning their lives. Thus, we strive to establish an atmosphere that manifests the present of God while still being conducive with their age. In laymen terms this simply means that we both experience God and have fun in his presence, much like when the little children came to the Lord and he touched them.
Noah's Ark Nursery
Noah’s Ark is dedicated to the spiritual, mental, and physical development of its children. It is our goal to assist in the early development a relationship with GOD, using tools such as music, art, puppets, role playing, and ministering to small infants and toddlers through love, patience, understanding, kindness, and discipline.
Each week our little ones enter theme based world of discovery that ministers the Lord to their wonderful little minds.