Living Faith Christian Center Funeral Protocol

Our Ministerial and Office Staff are here to serve you and your family with the utmost care, concern, and compassion during your time of bereavement. Our staff is here to assist you when you call to go over all Homegoing Service protocols. We ask each family who needs the ministry of the church at their time of loss to take the following actions:

1. Contact our Administrative Team at (225) 357-0377 during business hours: (Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm, Wednesday 8:30am – 4:00pm)

2. Provide Name of the Deceased

3. Provide a Contact Person and a Phone Number

4. Provide the Name and Number of the Funeral Home

5. Potential Date and Time

The Administrative Staff will contact the designated person to setup a time and date to meet to review the Homegoing Service protocols.

Homegoing Service Policies and Procedures

Members are entitled to have their Homegoing Service/Memorial at the church at NO CHARGE. Homegoing Services/Memorial will be conducted by Bishop Raymond W. Johnson or a designated member of our ministerial team.

Funeral Services, Dates, and Times

All funerals conducted at LFCC will take place Monday through Friday. There are no Saturday services conducted at the church or away from the church.

Viewing of Loved One

As part of our funeral protocol at LFCC, the viewing of your loved one will proceed as follows:

1. All viewing shall be done within the allotted time for Visitation

2. All family members may view their loved one during the time set for Visitation and also during the family processional as they are being led into the sanctuary.

3. Once the last family member has viewed, the casket will be closed and remain closed through the duration of the service and will NOT be opened again.

4. There will be NO FINAL VIEWING at the end of the service.

Download our Funeral Protocol here