COVID-19 Update

Living Faith Christian Center Covid-19 Protocol

( For worship services only)

 Effective October 27, 2021 the following policy will be in effect.  

    1. All fully vaccinated worshippers will be allowed to enter and worship without a mask and be seated in any sections.
    1. Worshippers who are not fully vaccinated and all non-vaccinated worshippers are asked to wear masks.
    1. Fully vaccinated worshippers may still choose to wear their masks.
    1. Only “fully vaccinated” persons will be allowed in the pulpit area. 
    2. All non-vaccinated children over the age of 5 years old will still have to wear masks and be allowed to sit with their parents in any section.
    1. Music ministry will only consist of those persons who are fully vaccinated. No masks will be required and LFCC reserves the right to ask for proof of vaccination so that we protect each other.
    1. All worshippers are on their honor as these policies are to protect those who have not been fully vaccinated and vulnerable vaccinated worshippers.
    1. Worshippers assume all risks for their choices and are on an honor system.
    1. LFCC will not have laying on of hands or other contact “during” the service but worshippers are free to socialize after the service at their discretion.
    1. The same protocols are in effect in all parts of the Cathedral during worship Services, i.e. rest rooms, classrooms, or any other gathering places.
Living Faith encourages all its worshippers to get fully vaccinated as the virus is still in our communities.
LFCC reserves the right to create “indoor” activities for 
fully vaccinated persons only.  

To contact our staff for any questions or concerns email:

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